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September 3, 2019

The Fiduciary Duty of an Executor During Probate

The executor of a will, also known as the personal representative, has certain responsibilities during the probate process. The individual drafting a will is the person who names the executor. The executor’s most important duty is to ensure that a decedent’s will is administered properly and that assets are distributed in accordance with the will’s terms.

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October Has Arrived!  So has Estate Planning Awareness Week.
October 3, 2019

October Has Arrived!  So has Estate Planning Awareness Week.

For many the month of October brings to mind Halloween or haunted theme park adventures, scary movies, fall weather and pumpkin spice everything.  Yet, what most don’t know is that one week in October has been designated by a House Resolution as National Estate Planning Awareness Week (starts October 21st).  Even Congress has recognized the […]

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