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We are here to help make things easier.

Florida Elder Law Attorney

We are here to help make things easier.

Florida Elder Law Attorney

We are here to help make things easier.

Medicaid Planning

Learn About Your Options for Medicaid Planning in Florida

The reality is that many older adults need home health care or may need to reside in a nursing home toward the end of their life. It is no secret that long-term care in the United States is costly.  In fact, long-term care paid out of pocket is so costly it can deplete your hard-earned assets and estate within one to two years.

Needing long-term care should not negate all of your hard work and efforts to leave something to your children and other beneficiaries. Fortunately, with careful planning in advance, you can find ways to cover the costs of long-term care while protecting your assets.  Medicaid pays the costs for a nursing home, adult day care facility, rehabilitation center, the level of care in an assisted living facility, and up to 40 hours for a home health aide.

Qualifying for Medicaid in Florida

You must meet both income and asset requirements in order to qualify for Medicaid.  Some of these requirements include:

Many people are above these thresholds and, therefore, might rely on their assets to cover the costs of their care, quickly using up their savings and having nothing left.  Luckily, there are ways attorneys can help you qualify for Medicaid in Florida.

Helping You Qualify for Medicaid in Florida

There are legal tools that can help people in Florida qualify for Medicaid without first using up their assets. For example:

You might think you can simply give away your assets to your beneficiaries early. However, the government has a long look-back period, and asset transfers might disqualify you from benefits for a penalty period. In addition, if a relative is holding your assets for you, they might pass away, become incapacitated, get divorced, or file bankruptcy, all of which can cause you to lose your assets.

Instead of trying to figure out ways to cheat the system or draining your assets, you should discuss your options for Medicaid planning with our legal team. We have helped many clients qualify for Medicaid without jeopardizing their estate.

Schedule a Call with our Elder Law Attorney Today

You should consider Medicaid planning strategies long before you need benefits but if you’re in need now then we can help.  The Legacy Law Firm helps individuals and their family members retain assets while receiving the long-term care they need. Call 954-999-9683 to schedule your strategy session today.

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