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March 10, 2022

What is an Elder Law Attorney?

Most individuals do not know what an elder law attorney is, what they do or when they will need one.  Surprisingly, an elder law attorney is able to help you in more ways than you think!  We are experienced in creating estate plans but the focus isn’t just on what happens when you’re gone – instead we also focus on what can be done for you while you’re still alive.

What does an Elder Law Attorney Do?

Elder law attorneys focus on helping clients figure out how to obtain long term care.  Unfortunately, most of us will end up in a nursing home or need 24 hour care at some point in our lives.  Many Americans have a misconception that Medicare will cover their long term care.  While Medicare does provide excellent health insurance, it has a very limited long term care benefit.  Specifically, Medicare covers 100 days in an institutionalized setting, such has a rehabilitation facility or skilled nursing facility.  After the 100 days, the individual in the facility will either have to pay out of pocket or rely on a long term care policy (if they have one). With the average care for nursing homes averaging at about $8,500 per month, it won’t take long before this becomes a six figure expense which can easily drain your life savings.

While Medicare doesn’t have a long term care benefit, Medicaid does.  Medicaid is often thought about as a program only available to the very poor but there are legal and ethical ways that many individuals can qualify for Medicaid.  Individuals will come to our office in either a crisis situation where they need Medicaid now or have an early diagnoses of a long term illness and know they will need it in the future.  No matter what your circumstance may be, if you’re interested in pro active planning or in need of crisis planning – we are here to help!

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Our elder lawyers are well versed in estate planning and Medicaid planning. In fact, our firm practices exclusively in estate planning and elder law, so you will be in great hands.  Contact us today to schedule your strategy session.  We would love to hear more about your goals, discuss your options and assist with creating a plan that best suits you.

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