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January 29, 2020

What is a Medical Power of Attorney?


The medical power of attorney is known as a designation of health care surrogate. This is an extremely important document since it is going to authorize the chosen individual(s) to act on your behalf in a time of medical emergency. You are authorizing this individual to review your medical records, speak to the medical staff on your behalf and make important informed medical decisions for you, should you be unable to make them for yourself. It is best to choose an individual that is mature, that you trust, and one that is able to handle a stressful and/or emotional situation.  You may even want to consider choosing someone who is local to ensure they can be present in the hospital without delay.


Everyone should consider taking the time to execute the Florida designation of health care surrogate in advance since none of us can predict the future. At any age we may encounter either temporary or long-term incapacity or disability. For this reason alone, we should take the time while we have full mental and/or physical capacity to choose the individual that we trust to make these decisions.

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