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February 5, 2020


A Florida living will is an advance directive that makes clear your wishes regarding life prolonging measures. For the Florida living will to be used, you first must be in either a persistent vegetative state, end-stage condition or terminally ill with your physicians in agreement that there isn’t more that they can do for you. In this situation if you have signed your Florida living will then you are authorizing your health care surrogate to remove the life support.


Yes, everyone should absolutely plan head for potential incapacity because none of us can predict the future.  Unfortunately, it takes a bad situation to occur before we understand the urgency or benefit of planning in advance.  Specifically, we often will have new estate planning clients choose to schedule a consultation for themselves because they have just lost someone they cared about and were left to make the difficult decision to remove life-prolonging procedures. These new clients will often express that they will never be certain if what they did was what the decedent (i.e. their loved one who is now deceased) would have wanted.  This particular situation has now helped them realize the importance of creating a Living Will in advance and pushed them to come in.

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