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When it comes to estate planning or probate, it’s personal. These are topics that can be difficult to navigate and you should not have to do so alone. Founding attorney, Christine, lost her father at the young of of 21. He had previously remarried and failed to put any protections in place for his children that were from a prior relationship. The end result was not one he would have chosen himself, had he planned properly. Christine has dedicated her career to helping other individuals and families avoid similar situations. Should you need a dedicated and experienced estate planning or probate attorney, call us today to schedule a time to speak with our team.

About our firm

Our firm opened in 2018 in Broward County Florida and has expanded to the Tampa Bay area. We are proud to provide probate services throughout the entire state of Florida and continue to be leaders in the legal industry through providing a superior client experience.

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What is Estate Planning

Estate planning involves the strategic organization of one’s assets, properties, and financial affairs to ensure a seamless transfer of wealth to chosen beneficiaries upon the individual’s passing. This comprehensive process typically includes the creation of a will, establishing trusts, designating beneficiaries for life insurance policies and retirement accounts, and making provisions for the management of healthcare decisions and financial affairs in case of incapacity.  A well-crafted estate plan not only provides peace of mind for the individual but also streamlines the inheritance process for loved ones, contributing to a smoother transition of assets and reducing the burden during an already challenging time.

Who needs estate planning

Everyone needs an estate plan to safeguard their assets, provide for their loved ones, and ensure their wishes are honored after they pass away. Without an estate plan, state laws dictate how assets are distributed, often resulting in prolonged legal processes, higher taxes, and potential disputes among heirs. An estate plan allows individuals to designate beneficiaries, plan for incapacity, and establish clear instructions for the distribution of assets, thereby avoiding unnecessary complexities for their family. Whether one has substantial wealth or more modest assets, an estate plan is a crucial tool to secure financial stability, protect loved ones, and maintain control over the legacy they leave behind.

What is ‘in’ an estate plan?

An Estate plan typically includes the following:

  • Last Will and Testament: Outlines how your assets should be distributed and appoints guardianship for minor children.
  • Revocable Living Trust: Allows for the management and distribution of assets during your lifetime and upon death, bypassing probate.
  • Financial Power of Attorney: Designates someone to make financial decisions on your behalf if you become incapacitated.
  • Healthcare Power of Attorney: Appoints someone to make medical decisions for you if you’re unable to do so.
  • Living Will (Advance Healthcare Directive): Communicates your preferences for end-of-life medical treatment.
  • Designation of Health Care Surrogate: Choose who will be your voice in a time of medical emergency.
  • Beneficiary Designations: Specifies individuals who will receive proceeds from life insurance, retirement accounts, and other accounts.
  • HIPAA Authorization: Grants permission for healthcare providers to disclose your medical information to specified individuals.

Coral Springs Estate Planning | Florida Probate

There are many options when it comes to hiring a Florida Attorney. If you’re reading this page then you’re likely at an important stage in your life and in need of an experienced attorney by your side. Our firm works hard to differentiate from the rest by prioritizing the relationships we build with our clients. Our attorney is nationally recognized and has achieved her status in part due to always valuing relationships first.

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