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What is Estate Planning?

When you think about estate planning, your first thought is drawing up a will to ensure your final directives are known. This approach uses only one of many end-of-life planning tools available to you and your family when creating a financial security plan for your loved ones, business, or a charity you wish to continue supporting.
At The Legacy Law Firm, we help you begin this process by analyzing all of your current assets. This planning includes everything from complex retirement accounts to simply ensuring vehicles or real estate go to your loved ones. Our team will also advise you on how best to protect your family from loss of assets and a drawn-out probate process that a Will requires. Creating a comprehensive estate plan will ensure your legacy continues without passing on additional stress or grief in the event of your death.

Comprehensive Estate Planning That Fits Your Legacy

The Legacy Law Firm specializes in creating plans that meet the needs of our clients. Our extensive experience in setting up healthcare directives, trusts, and wills means your Florida estate will continue to provide for your loved ones for years to come. A primary goal many of our clients want out of this process is to avoid a costly and drawn-out probate process.

What is in an Estate Plan?

Revocable Living Trust

You need customizable options when planning your estate, and we at The Legacy Law Firm can use trusts to create individualized estate planning strategies to meet your needs. Trusts make it possible for you to establish ongoing financial support for your loved ones during your lifetime and continue doing so once you pass away. A well drafted trust can protect young or irresponsible beneficiaries from blowing their inheritance, provide creditor protection for beneficiaries, protect children from a prior marriage, protect your pets and more.

Last will and testament

In Florida, many families learning about estate planning turn to Wills for distributing their assets after death. While this is a good beginning, only relying on a Will can still expose your family to significant tax burdens, costly probate processes, and creditors taking a large portion of your remaining estate. Further, without the help of an experienced estate planning attorney, a court may deem it invalid, which then leaves your assets subject to Florida intestacy laws.

Advanced Health Care Directives

In the event you should become incapacitated, advanced health care directives enable your chosen representative to make critical health decisions on your behalf. This type of planning tool will also allow you to outline how you would like the surrogate to act on your behalf if you cannot make your own decisions. These documents include the Living Will, Designation of Health Care Surrogate and HIPAA authorization.

Durable Power of Attorney

Another aspect of estate planning many individuals and families need to consider is establishing a durable power of attorney. This process requires careful consideration of who you choose to fill this role because of the authority you are giving them regarding your affairs. Working with a seasoned estate planning attorney is critical when considering this step, and they can help advise you on who to trust with this level of authority.

Why You Need an Estate Plan in Florida

No matter how large or small your estate, having a predetermined plan set in the event of your death is essential in safeguarding the future of your family. The perception that only the wealthy need to consider end-of-life plans is the single-most deterrent that leads to disastrous consequences when one passes away.
There are many reasons why you should establish an estate plan, including:

Protecting Your Legacy for Generations to Come

The estate planning attorneys of The Legacy Law Firm are ready to help you or a loved one to review their financial situation and life circumstances to create a strategy that not only protects critical assets but establishes ongoing support for the future.
Our services do not end when you have a plan in place but continue by your side throughout your life to help you keep these important strategies up-to-date no matter what life may bring you.

We focus on making sure all legal aspects are well covered.

Our attorney regularly meet with individuals and families to review their personal and financial situation, including their needs, concerns, hopes and goals, and explain the options available to them based on their situation. Once a client has their estate plan in place they are able to enjoy peace of mind knowing they have provided for themselves and their loved ones if an unexpected crisis occurs.
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